Top 10 Best Shoe Insoles of 2015

Did you know your feet can determine how your entire body feels? When your feet are misaligned or functioning poorly due to injury, overpronation, weak stability, or something else that could be affecting the way your run and walk, your entire body suffers from those pains. Having the right insoles can help relieve those aches and pains.


You can make walking and jogging a pleasure again with the help of some of the best insoles on the market. Whether you have blisters, bunions, corns, fallen arches or plantars fasciitis. The following insoles are the best running and walking insoles available for your your feet's comfort out on the trails, the track or the gym; designed for the extreme marathoner or occasional jogger, and made for all day comfort and support.

Top 10 Best Shoe Insoles of 2015

  2. Powerstep - Powerstep Pinnacle Full Length
  3. Heel-That-Pain - Heel-That-Pain Full Length Heel Seats
  4. Archmolds - Archmolds Ultimate Heat Moldable Insoles
  5. Powerstep - Powerstep Pinnacle Maxx
  6. Birkenstock - Birkenstock BirkoSport
  7. New Balance - New Balance Supportive Cushioning Insole 3810
  8. New Balance - New Balance Pressure Relief Insole with Metatarsal Pad 3030
  9. Powerstep - Powerstep UltraStretch Night Sock
  10. Sof Sole - Sof Sole Plantar Fasciitis Orthotic

Your feet are very important. It’s time to take advantage of some of the best Insoles that can give your feet, legs and entire body the support that your shoes can’t. One of the most important things to remember when purchasing your insoles is not about price, but making sure you are getting the right insole for your specific foot pain. has the best selection of insoles on the market to help you get your feet alligned and functioning at their best for your next run. We have brands from ArchMolds, currexSole, New Balance, Sof Sole, SOLE, Powerstep & more!

Best Insoles for Standing

Do you work on your feet? Are your feet sore and aching at the end of the day? Choosing the correct insole or orthotic could change your long, painful day into something much more comfortable. But how do you know which insole is right for you?

When you choose an insole for standing, you want to find an insole that will provide comfort while at the same time providing you solid arch support. Wearing the right cushioned insoles can offer you shock absorption, additional circulation, and arch support for added comfort.

Do you currently work in one of the 5 worst jobs that cause foot pain when standing all day?

  • Teachers
  • Foodservice
  • Retail
  • Medical Professions
  • Construction

If you are, you could be an Individual who is experiencing some of the following injuries:

  • Plantar fasciitis / heel pain
  • Metatarsal pain / ball of foot
  • Heel spurs
  • Back pain

Many people experience foot pain, no matter what their profession. Taking care of your feet is important. Not taking care of your feet or wearing incorrect footwear can cause long term damage. Here are some great insoles for cushioning and foot support for your long days on the job.

New Balance Pressure Relief Insole 3020

Designed to heightened balance and stability to the foot, with specifically located cushioning at the heel and forefoot for maximum shock absorption and comfort.

Archmolds Maximum Heat Moldable Insoles
Works to provide maximum cushioning and allow you to swap between your athletic and casual shoes or roomier shoes that allow for extra cushioning.

medi footsupport Active Insoles

The medi footsupport Active insole offers the perfect balance of support and cushioning for active lifestyles. Designed with excellent arch support, these are great insoles for flat feet.

Sole Softec Ultra
These inserts offer the thickest Softec cushioning available. Their full arch support works well for high arches, and the heat moldable nature of every insert makes them customizable for all foot shapes, making these equally good flat foot insoles.

Top 10 Best Insoles for Running

Did you know there are insoles designed for everything from standing on your feet all day to hiking and running? In the past, runners looking to correct the imbalance in their feet had to seek custom-made orthotics at extremely high prices.

Luckily for runners today, there are manufactures that offer a variety of insoles just for running that are designed for specific functions and needs for athletes and their feet.

It’s important for runners to have more heel padding and a foot support system to assist with the heel-to-toe movement when running, while athletes who play physical sports like basketball need an insole that is designed support the foot in over-stress situations. So, how do you know what insole is the best for running when there are so many options?

To figure out which insole would be the best for you, you can check the wear pattern on the soles of your shoes determine your running mechanics, or take the ‘wet test’ to learn your foot type. It’s important to know that when your foot is not properly supported your feet, legs and back can all be affected. A proper insole can help alleviate any aches, pains, and/or medical conditions.

Each of the following insoles offers runners stability and support for their specific needs. Whether you are looking for extra cushioning, stability for sports or running, high or low arch support or an insole to assist with a medical condition you can find it among the following:

Top 10 Best Insoles for Running

1.     medi footsupport Active Insoles

2.     Sole Softec Thin Sport

3.     Archmolds Multisport Heat Moldable Insoles

4.     Birkenstock BirkoSport

5.     Sof Sole Fit High Arch Insoles

6.     currexSole RunPro High

7.     Powerstep Pinnacle Maxx

8.     currexSole RunPro Low

9.     Archmolds Ultimate Heat Moldable Insoles

10.  Sof Sole Plantar Fasciitis Orthotic Insoles

 Depending on your insole needs such as cushioning, pressure relief for long-distance running, an insoles for plantar fasciitis, or an insole to assist with other medical conditions you can find the best insoles options on!


Best Plantar Fasciitis Insoles

There are a lot of places to buy plantar fasciitis insoles for your shoes. You can pick them up at a sporting goods or shoe store or even purchase them online at places like Amazon and

The most important thing to remember when purchasing Insoles is not only finding the best price and customer service, but also making sure you are getting the right insole for your foot pain.

Plantar fasciitis is one of the most common causes of foot pain and can affect anyone.

Common causes include:

  • Overtraining
  • Wearing Old Shoes
  • Tight Calf Muscles
  • Excessive Pronation
  • Wearing High Heels

If you are suffering from Plantar Fasciitis, here is a list of some of the Best Plantar Fasciitis Insoles on the market today:

New Balance Supportive Cushioning Insole 3810 - Customers use this Insole as a plantar fasciitis insert for their athletic and casual shoes and boots with good results.

Sof-Sole Plantar Fasciitis Orthotic Insoles - Specifically designed to offer support to the plantar fascia and relief from painful plantar fasciitis. These insoles are constructed with a plantar relief bridge for plantar fasciitis support.

medi footsupport Heel Spur Insoles - Designed to relieve pain for those suffering from plantar fasciitis and heel spurs these insoles offer targeted cushioning along the plantar fascia and in the heel area

Archmolds Ultimate Heat Moldable Insoles - A great option for who tend to pronate heavily or carry more weight

medi footsupport Heel Spur Pro w/ Metatarsal PadFor those suffering from plantar fasciitis and heel spurs these insoles offer targeted cushioning along the plantar fascia and in the heel area and provide exceptional support along the longitudinal arch.


Best Places to Buy Cheap Insoles

Shoe insoles are extremely important for those of us that have foot, knee and back problems or simply want additional comfort in our shoes as we work all day or perform athletic activities.

Because insoles are so popular, you can now find them almost anywhere you shop from sporting goods stores like Dick’s and REI to pharmacy’s like Walgreens or CVS.

Not all places are experts on insoles however, so the Insoles and Beyond team wanted to compile a list of the best places to buy cheap insoles on the web.

Why you ask? Because there are locations online that are not only focused specifically on the sales of insoles, but showcase the largest selection and cheapest insoles you can find anywhere.

Top 3 Best Places to Buy Cheap Insoles

Insoles and Beyond focuses specifically on selling insoles and selling them at the cheapest possible price while educating the consumer at the same time. Not only that, but they include FREE shipping on all orders.


You may be surprised to hear this buy eBay has one of the best selections of insoles on the web. Not only can you find new insoles for sale but also you can buy directly from sellers who purchased an insole that didn’t work for them and are selling at a sharply discounted rate.

Dr. Scholl’s

While the Dr. Scholl’s website is brand specific it has some great insoles not available in many other places. They also offer constant discounts in their Savings and Offers section.

Different Orthotics for Plantar Fasciitis

Orthotics That Can Help Treat Plantar Fasciitis

Plantar fasciitis is a common foot problem that can cause serious pain and discomfort especially when left untreated. The pain comes from a strained plantar fascia, the ligament that runs along the bottom of the foot. Many doctors advise early prevention or else the condition will get worse.

Fortunately, various orthotics can help ease and treat plantar fasciitis. Here are some of them:

1. Insoles for Plantar Fasciitis

Insoles are one of the most common products used to ease the pain caused by plantar fasciitis. Besides providing cushioning and arch support, these shoe inserts reduce the shock that the foot receives when running or walking.

2. Night Splints for Plantar Fasciitis

A night splint keeps your foot flexed while you sleep and helps prevent the base of your foot from tightening at night. 

3. Night Socks for Plantar Fasciitis

Similar to night splints, night socks also keep your foot gently stretched while you sleep. The only difference is that it is more comfortable to use than the bulky night splints and braces.

4. Heel Cups for Plantar Fasciitis

Heel cups may be small but they work in two ways. First, they slightly lift the heels which reduce the tension on the Achilles tendon and on the plantar fascia itself. Second, they serve as cushion and shock absorber to ease stress on the foot tissues especially if you have developed a bone spur on the heel.

5. Wraps for Plantar Fasciitis

Some podiatrists recommend foot wrap for their plantar fasciitis patients to relieve the pressure that causes the tears and strain in the foot ligament. Most of these wraps are made of soft, flexible, lightweight, and comfortable neoprene fabrics that provide acupressure to the pain hot spots.

6. Foot Braces

Like night splints, foot braces help hold your foot in a specific position while keeping it supported. It also prevents you from further damaging your tendons while you go about your daily activities.

7. Compression Sleeves for Plantar Fasciitis

These sleeves give graduated compression—tighter at the foot and ankle and slacker at the calf and lower leg. Enhanced performance through increased blood flow, quicker recovery, decreased muscle soreness, and less fatigue are just some of its awesome advantages.

8. Foot Rocker for Plantar Fasciitis 

Foot rockers help you stretch out your foot to relieve heel pain. They are designed to make stretching easy, which are very effective for treating and preventing plantar fasciitis symptoms. You just put your foot on the curved top and rock the curved bottom on the ground. 

Are you in search for effective orthotics for plantar fasciitis? Visit for a wide range of products you can choose from. 

Compression Sleeves for Legs Improve Basketball Performance

Do Compression Leg Sleeves Improve Basketball Performance?

Basketball is a fun sport that can be enjoyed by people of all ages.  It is, however, also incredibly demanding on the body and is rife with the potential for injury.  While injuries are a common occurrence, compression wear can not only prevent some of the more common injuries but also improve performance.  If you watch college or professional basketball, you'll notice players wearing compression gear. 

How do compression sleeves for legs help pro and amateur basketball players? Read on.

Benefits of Compression Sleeves for Legs

Many athletes and medical experts agree that compression wear offers a lot of benefits.  Those benefits include: 

  • It maintains body temperature regardless of the weather.
  • It keeps muscles warm.
  • It protects skin against scratches.
  • It prevents friction burns.
  • It prevents injuries.
  • It avoids inflammation buildup.
  • It reduces muscle fatigue or stress.
  • It improves blood flow.

Wearing compression sleeves or socks will improve blood flow and supply oxygen rich blood to the compressed muscles.  They cut down on inflammation in compressed joints and help remove lactic acid from muscles resulting in less muscle fatigue and soreness. 

While wearing compression garments works for the benefit of internal and external body parts, they do not harm the way players move. Instead, they work to help players cool down and give a higher level of performance and confidence during a game.

Buy Yours

If you play basketball, it’s time to buy your own compression sleeves for legs. offers great deals on its products.

Insoles For Plantar Fasciitis: A Big Help For Runners

Should Runners Wear Insoles for Plantar Fasciitis?

If you've ever experienced a sharp pain in your heel following a run or in the morning after a run, chances are you are on of the many runners suffering from plantar fasciitis.  The pain stems from an inflamed or partially torn “plantar fascia,” the band of tissue that connects your heel to the base of your toes.  Plantar fasciitis is an incredibly common injury (perhaps even the most common injury) for runners.  Due to the frequency of this injury, many runners use insoles for plantar fasciitis - either to prevent or treat plantar fasciitis. 

Treating Plantar Fasciitis

It is best to treat plantar fasciitis at onset.  In fact, you may be able to arrest its progression and get fast healing by starting treatment early.  Failure to address the issue early my lead to further injury of the plantar fascia and longer recovery time.  At the very first signs of plantar fasciitis, you should stretch (the calf muscles are of primary concern), massage the plantar fascia and the heel with ice, massage the plantar fascia by rolling your foot on a golf ball.  

Additionally, you should consider insoles for plantar fasciitis.  These insoles typically provide arch support to cut down on strain to the plantar fascia and provide cushioning to the heel to reduce pain. 

Why should runners consider insoles for plantar fasciitis?

Wearing insoles can help lessen the pain and inflammation caused by plantar fasciitis.  Consider the following: 

  • Insoles cushion your feet and prevents further damage to sore and injured tissues. 
  • Insoles provide arch support and give the plantar fascia a break. 
  • Insoles reduce fatigue and prevent foot injuries.
  • Insoles can be customized based on your foot size, arch type, desired level of cushioning, etc.
  • Insoles will help correct body posture and prevent injuries to your knees, hips, and back as well.

Your feet take an incredible pounding when you run.  Get a pair of insoles to help prevent and treat plantar fasciitis. offers quality insoles and orthotics that can help protect your feet from injuries. Browse our website now and get the perfect products that match your needs and lifestyle!

August 09, 2015

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Why Men Should Consider Compression Socks.

Compression Socks for Men

Compression socks and stockings have long been used by women.  But men can get the same great benefits by wearing compression socks made specifically for them.  Here are the benefits of wearing compression socks.  Men and women are both susceptible to vein and leg problems. 

Why Wear Compression Socks?

Here are the benefits of wearing compression socks for men:

  1. They give comfort and promote good health. Compression socks help improve blood flow, they also allow better transmission of oxygen throughout body. The pressure on the lower limbs moves the blood back to the heart for a healthy circulation. 
  2. They offer great relief after intense leg use or workout. Standing, running, or doing other activities can exhaust legs and feet. These activities can produce a toxin called lactic acid in the muscle, which can trigger soreness and pain. The best remedy is to wear compression socks to allow better blood flow. 
  3. They prevent the development of varicose veins. Based on medical studies, spiders or varicose veins are caused by a pool of blood. This happens when the veins could no longer return the blood back to the heart as they always do. Besides age, other causes of varicose veins include pregnancy, prolonged standing, weak veins and valves, and weight.Wearing compressive socks, however, can help suppress formation of varicose veins. The pressure can push the blood up to the heart and help promote better blood circulation.
  4. They boost physical performance. Men who wear compression socks benefit from an improved physical activity. As the socks provide graduated compression and assist the body in resisting gravity and returning blood to the heart, the socks help boost recovery rate, which in turn, enhance physical performance.

Insoles and Beyond offer various comfortable and fashionable compression socks for men

Compression Socks for Pregnant Women

Wearing compression socks for women during pregnancy.

Many medical professionals recommend their pregnant patients wear compression socks or stockings.  Why do they prescribe compression socks for pregnant women?

According to healthcare experts, these compression socks and stockings provide a variety of benefits for pregnant women.  Compression socks and stockings treat and prevent various physical conditions common for pregnant women including:

  • Leg pain
  • Varicose veins
  • Spider veins
  • Leg cramps
  • Edema (or swelling of the leg or ankle)

Additionally, health professionals agree that these socks help decrease the risk of having deep vein thrombosis (DVT).  This is a medical term for blood clots in a deep vein, especially within the leg.  As specially designed compression socks apply firm pressure at the lower part of the leg and less pressure up, the socks help push the blood up into the heart. This, in turn, decreases blood congestion in the veins and improves blood circulation within the body.  This can be particularly helpful during pregnancy. 

Here's Some Advice

While wearing compression socks and stockings does not pose danger to expectant mothers, they still need to consider a few things before wearing them. If you’re pregnant and thinking of getting a pair of compression socks, then make sure you:

  • Choose the stockings with pressure gradient that is right for the period or stage of pregnancy you are in;
  • Do not have peripheral artery disease;
  • Consider the strength of compression wear (especially those who have health concerns); and
  • If you are unsure about any of these, seek the advice of a health care professional. 

Insoles and Beyond offers a wide variety of compression socks for women, men, nurses, and athletes. Browse our web site to know more about the brands, sizes, styles, designs, and colors we have available.

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