New Product Spotlight: UltraStretch Night Sock, one of our favorite night splints for plantar fasciitis

We are pleased to announce that we are now offering the UltraStretch night sock from Powerstep. And as with every other product we carry, it comes with our customer satisfaction guarantee as well as free domestic shipping and flat-rate international shipping.

Do you suffer from plantar fasciitis pain, heel pain in the morning, Achilles tendonitis, or another overuse injury to the foot? Let me introduce you to your new best friend, the UltraStretch.

The UltraStretch is a sock that is worn at night while sleeping, or during the day while at rest. It’s a simple idea – a sock with a strap that connects the toe to the calf, keeping the foot flexed with a gentle stretch that prevents the shrinking and tightening of the foot muscles and soft tissues that can happen at night. It’s this contraction that leads to common foot pain problems like plantar fasciitis.

One of the things we love about the UltraStretch is the fact that it adjusts to a huge range of leg shapes and sizes. We offer it in two sizes – regular and large – and each of those sizes is easily adjusted to fit the person wearing the sock. It’s a versatile, useful plantar fasciitis sock that many people think is preferable to a rigid or bulky plantar fasciitis night splint and the uncomfortable boots meant to be worn at night. The sock itself is made of a super-soft material that is durable and fits closely without becoming too loose, and the strap has an intuitive adjustment design that makes it extremely easy to use.

Plantar fasciitis is one of the biggest complaints we hear from people who have foot pain. We’re happy to offer specifically designed plantar fasciitis inserts and other arch support inserts for flat feet, high arches, and general foot comfort and balance. The UltraStretch is yet another way that we can help you find plantar fasciitis pain relief – use it as a comfortable night splint for plantar fasciitis and other overuse injuries to relieve pain all day. Give it a try today and see if you wake up to a better tomorrow!

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