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Plantar Fasciitis: Causes, Treatments, and Insoles.

Plantar fasciitis (often diagnosed as heel spurs) is one of the most common causes of pain to both recreational and serious runners and other athletes. It affects not only novice runners but also the pros. Many runners ignore the pain and seek treatment only after the problem becomes severe. The best step is to treat the problem early on, so it will not worsen and limit you from running or going about your usual activities.


The causes of plantar fasciitis are not always due to trauma or direct injury but rather they are usually the result of neglect. Here are the most common causes: 

  • Overtraining; 
  • Biomechanical Flaws (Flat or High-Arched Feet); 
  • Wearing Old/Worn Running Shoes; 
  • Running on Hard Surfaces (Asphalt or Concrete); 
  • Tight Achilles Tendons or Calf Muscles; 
  • Excessive Pronation; and
  • Wearing High Heels.

Treatments and Prevention

Plantar fasciitis is one of the most bothersome running injuries due to its stubborn nature.  It may take months or even years to heal.  That's why it is important to catch and treat it early on. With early detection and proper treatment, plantar fasciitis doesn't have to linger. Try the following actions at the first sign of soreness in the arch or the heel.

  • Rest Your Feet - Refrain from running and limit the time you spend on your feet.  Instead, try biking, swimming, yoga.
  • Roll Ice on Your Feet - Roll something cold or frozen such as water bottle on your foot arch for 20 minutes every evening to heal the affected tissues.
  • Stretch Your Calf - Make it a habit to stretch your calf throughout the day.  Try to stretch 10 times a day for 30 to 60 seconds at a time. 
  • Wear Shoes - Avoid going barefoot. Put on rigid shoes that bend only at the toes. You can test the shoes by turning them upside down, grabbing both ends, and bending them. The ones that fold in the middle may have caused your pain.  
  • Try Insoles - Wear the right plantar fasciitis shoe inserts to help reduce the pain and prevent the injury from worsening, too. 

Here are some good options to help you treat and prevent plantar fasciitis: 


medi footsupport Heel Spur Pro.

Powerstep UltraStretch Night Sock.

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