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Compression Sleeves: Will They Work for Your Legs?

You've seen runners using compression sleeves for their legs.  But compression sleeves are not for athletes alone.  Anyone can use them to protect or improve health.  For years, people have used compression socks and sleeves to combat the effects of diabetes, edema, and other circulatory issues. 

Studies show that wearing compression socks or sleeves can provide the following benefits: 

  • Improved blood flow.  Good blood flow is important for maintaining a healthy body. We produce lactic acid, a body waste, during strenuous activity. Without proper blood circulation, that toxin remains in the muscles causing soreness and pain. Due to gravity, blood pools in the lower limbs during long periods of sitting or standing. This can cause swelling and be harmful to the veins. However, applying graduated pressure on the legs enhances blood circulation with compression socks or sleeves forces blood back to the heart where it can become oxygenated and transmit that oxygen to the rest of the body.
  • Lessened fatigue. When you stand for a long time, it adds strain to the veins of the legs. Research shows that athletes who use compression socks feel less leg pain. Wearing the sleeves helps the legs to recover faster after a hard workout.  
  • Protect your legs. The socks can protect your legs from dirt and insects. It will collect the dust, and cover your lower limbs from bugs’ bites. If you want to run outdoor, the garment will protect your legs from humid and the sun’s heat. They help prevent varicose and spider veins. 
  • Increase leg stamina. When you have healthy legs, you can endure long periods of running, standing, or other activities. 
  • Give warmth.  Among the ways to keep your legs healthy is to keep them warm. The elderly often need heat to lessen the pain of arthritis during cold season. Compression socks can ease this discomfort. They also help reduce swelling on the ankles. 

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