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How to Pick the Perfect Insoles for Your Dress Shoes

Insoles are not only for athletic shoes.  You can wear insoles in your dress shoes to provide support and protect your feet during the 9 to 5 grind.  If you are in the hunt for the perfect insoles for your dress shoes, here are some things to consider: 

  • Arch Support.  You'll want to ensure that the insoles you are putting in your dress shoes have adequate arch support. 
  • Length.  One feature of most dress shoes is that they are low volume - meaning there isn't a whole lot of room to insert a replacement insole.  Insoles for dress shoes come in two lengths: 3/4 length and full length.  While insoles designed for dress shoes typically are made to fit low volume shoes, sometimes a 3/4 length insole will give you more flexibility. 
  • Cushioning.  Dress shoes provide little cushion and unfortunately the have very little room for insoles that provide that cushioning.  Some insoles made for dress shoes have been designed to maximize the amount of cushioning that dress shoes will accommodate. 
  • Metatarsal Support.  Aside from arch support, you may want to consider insoles with metatarsal support.  This support can help with pain in the ball of your foot - often metatarsalgia. 

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