Athletic Compression Socks: A Performance Booster

Athletic compression socks have made a big splash in the sports world.  Offering pain relief, injury prevention, and optimized performance, athletic compression socks have a lot to offer athletes. 

Compression socks have been prescribed by doctors for many years to relieve medical issues like deep vein thrombosis, help avoid blood clots, and relief pain and pressure from varicose veins.  But more recently compression socks have found a new audience - athletes.  Companies like CEP specialize in compression garments for athletes. 

Athletes use compression socks to improve blood flow during their sports activities because proper circulation increases oxygen transport and reduce lactic acid - which increases performance and leads to faster recovery. 


Running is a strenuous activity that takes a lot out of your legs.  Wearing compression socks during a run will lessen muscle vibration which reduces injury, will help avoid shin splints, and will keep your legs feeling fresh by keeping your blood circulating and moving lactic acid out of your legs. 

Athletes are always looking for a way to improve their performance and cut down on their recovery time.  As an athlete, you use your legs all the time.  Make an investment in their health by using compression socks.  For quicker relief and better performance, purchase the finest athletic compression socks from now.

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