Compression Sleeves for Legs Improve Basketball Performance

Do Compression Leg Sleeves Improve Basketball Performance?

Basketball is a fun sport that can be enjoyed by people of all ages.  It is, however, also incredibly demanding on the body and is rife with the potential for injury.  While injuries are a common occurrence, compression wear can not only prevent some of the more common injuries but also improve performance.  If you watch college or professional basketball, you'll notice players wearing compression gear. 

How do compression sleeves for legs help pro and amateur basketball players? Read on.

Benefits of Compression Sleeves for Legs

Many athletes and medical experts agree that compression wear offers a lot of benefits.  Those benefits include: 

  • It maintains body temperature regardless of the weather.
  • It keeps muscles warm.
  • It protects skin against scratches.
  • It prevents friction burns.
  • It prevents injuries.
  • It avoids inflammation buildup.
  • It reduces muscle fatigue or stress.
  • It improves blood flow.

Wearing compression sleeves or socks will improve blood flow and supply oxygen rich blood to the compressed muscles.  They cut down on inflammation in compressed joints and help remove lactic acid from muscles resulting in less muscle fatigue and soreness. 

While wearing compression garments works for the benefit of internal and external body parts, they do not harm the way players move. Instead, they work to help players cool down and give a higher level of performance and confidence during a game.

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