Top 10 Best Insoles for Running

Did you know there are insoles designed for everything from standing on your feet all day to hiking and running? In the past, runners looking to correct the imbalance in their feet had to seek custom-made orthotics at extremely high prices.

Luckily for runners today, there are manufactures that offer a variety of insoles just for running that are designed for specific functions and needs for athletes and their feet.

It’s important for runners to have more heel padding and a foot support system to assist with the heel-to-toe movement when running, while athletes who play physical sports like basketball need an insole that is designed support the foot in over-stress situations. So, how do you know what insole is the best for running when there are so many options?

To figure out which insole would be the best for you, you can check the wear pattern on the soles of your shoes determine your running mechanics, or take the ‘wet test’ to learn your foot type. It’s important to know that when your foot is not properly supported your feet, legs and back can all be affected. A proper insole can help alleviate any aches, pains, and/or medical conditions.

Each of the following insoles offers runners stability and support for their specific needs. Whether you are looking for extra cushioning, stability for sports or running, high or low arch support or an insole to assist with a medical condition you can find it among the following:

Top 10 Best Insoles for Running

1.     medi footsupport Active Insoles

2.     Sole Softec Thin Sport

3.     Archmolds Multisport Heat Moldable Insoles

4.     Birkenstock BirkoSport

5.     Sof Sole Fit High Arch Insoles

6.     currexSole RunPro High

7.     Powerstep Pinnacle Maxx

8.     currexSole RunPro Low

9.     Archmolds Ultimate Heat Moldable Insoles

10.  Sof Sole Plantar Fasciitis Orthotic Insoles

 Depending on your insole needs such as cushioning, pressure relief for long-distance running, an insoles for plantar fasciitis, or an insole to assist with other medical conditions you can find the best insoles options on!


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