Wide Inserts for Wide Shoes

No two pairs of feet are exactly alike, which is why it’s no surprise that there are so many variances in shoe sizes, and then variants within those sizes including length and width.

Replacement inserts for arch support, which are one of our primary offerings here at Insoles and Beyond, come in a slightly less varied set of offerings, but this is not necessarily problematic. One of the great things about most of our insoles for arch support, plantar fasciitis, comfort, and other purposes is the fact that most arch support insoles can be trimmed easily if they are too wide or too long to fit in a specific shoe (whereas shoes cannot be trimmed very easily and, therefore, need to come ready-made in the right sizing). Trimming an insole is an easy fix when the shoe is of an especially narrow or long size – all it takes is a pair of scissors. (Keep an eye out for a video tutorial coming your way!)

If you wear a wide shoe, however, we know that the solution is not so easy. You can’t just stretch an insole to fit, and having an insole that doesn’t cover the entire width of the bottom of your foot can be uncomfortable at best, and problematic at worst. Fortunately, we’ve got the wide sizes covered as well! We are proud to carry several of our top-of-the-line insole lines in special wide sizes. No matter what you need, whether it’s an insole for metatarsal support, a dress shoe insert, or new insoles for everyday wear, give one of our insoles for wide shoes a try.


Featured Inserts for Wide Shoe Sizes

Birkenstock Blue Footbed Casual Arch Support

Birkenstock Blue Footbed Heeled Arch Support

New Balance Pressure Relief Insole with Metatarsal Pad

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