How to pick the right insole size for you

Insoles aren’t sized like shoes

Not every insole comes with the same sizing variety that you can find in shoes. Shoes often have half-sizes, whereas it’s not uncommon for one insole to fit a span as much as 5 or more full shoe sizes. This is because the basic framework of the insole can be applied more broadly to a wide range of feet with the thinner areas remaining easily trimmed to perfect size, whereas shoes are much more complex.

Generally speaking, the best place to start for finding the right insole size for you is your shoe size. Find the insole that is listed at your shoe size, and the odds are good that that’s the best insole for you.

What if I wear an in-between size?

If you wear a 9.5 and the insoles you want to purchase fit an 8-9 or a 10-11, which should you order? We recommend that you order the 10-11 and trim the forefoot down as necessary.*Wearing an insole that is too small or narrow is not ideal, and you will find a better fit in the slightly larger size that is then trimmed to fit your shoe. We aren’t the only ones who recommend this approach – most manufacturers recommend the order-up-and-trim-down method.

What about special widths?

If you wear a narrow shoe size, you may be tempted to order a size down in the insole, but this isn’t recommended. Find the insole that fits the numeric shoe size, and trim it down to fit your narrower width, using your shoe’s existing insole as a guide. You may want to consider starting with a “thin” insole to begin with, because these insoles tend to be more trim already and won’t take up much room in your shoe. Many of our thin insoles are featured on our Insoles for Dress Shoes page.

If you wear a wider size, you can look for insoles for wide shoe sizes to begin with. Another option, and one that will afford you greater variety, is to find the insole you want and order a size up. When it arrives, fit it to your foot and trim down the excess with a pair of scissors. Extra-wide shoe sizes may require insoles that are two sizes higher.  



*Please note that most of our products cannot be return if they have been trimmed. 

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