Product Spotlight: Insulated Insoles from Sole

Winter is coming (for those of us in the Northern Hemisphere, at least), and for some of you, that means the next few months will bring lots of time outdoors in chilly temperatures. Keeping your extremities warm is a key to staying comfortable and capable during those long days out in the cold.

Sole, one of the many brands we’re proud to carry at, offers a very interesting product in their line of heat-moldable Softec-cushioned insoles: insulation! There are two insulated arch support insoles that we carry: the Softec Insulated Response and the Softec Insulated Ultra. The insulated Response and Ultra insoles are comparable to the non-insulated products with the same name, but with the added layer of Thinsulate insulation material that works to keep the warmth of your foot inside the shoe. It’s the same great arch support for plantar fasciitis, cushioning, and pain relief, and the layer of Thinsulate on the bottom is very thin and doesn’t add bulk to the insole.

Sole’s Softec cushioning lies all along the heel-to-toe insert for both the Response and the Ultra, offering soft, effective cushioning for the entire foot. The main difference between the Insulated Response and the Insulated Ultra is the amount of cushioning. The Response features a fantastic 1.6mm of the cushioning (it doesn’t seem like a lot on paper, but in person it is very comfortable) and the Ultra has an even more plush 3.2mm of the Softec cushioning. In addition to the cushioning, both the Response and the Ultra offer full-foot stability with a deep heel cup and a durable arch support that promotes your foot’s proper alignment. And one of the classic attributes of Sole’s line of products is the heat moldability, meaning you can further customize either of these insoles to mold to the exact shape of your own foot.


Learn more about the Sole Insulated Response in our store.

Learn more about the Sole Insulated Ultra in our store.

Learn more about heat-molding your Sole insoles by watching the video here. 

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