Benefits Of Compression Socks

Compression Socks have been used in the medical field for some time, aiding bedridden and inactive patients in order to prevent deep vein thrombosis (blood clotting). Now, people who are quite active are reaping many benefits from wearing compression socks: particularly athletes, nurses, factory workers, construction workers -- anyone on their feet for long periods of time.  

What Are Compression Socks?

Compression Socks are socks that have a graduated pressure: tightest at the ankle, decreasing in pressure to the top of the sock. They are fitted to individual needs through the large diverse selection we have available.

How Do Compression Socks Work?

They act as a layer of muscle by gently squeezing the vein walls together, allowing the valves to close. The cavities of the veins are reduced and blood flow is restored to a more normal state, which in turn aids in overall circulation. Compression Socks also act the way an ice bath would after a run, which aids in recovery. Many runners trust compression socks and sleeves because they find that they experience an increase in oxygen delivery and a decrease in lactic acid; this prevents cramps and minimizes muscle fatigue. Some studies found runners to have an increase in distance and anaerobic threshold in cycling and jumping performance while using compression socks.

Compression Socks Benefits.

Compression Socks have been found to increase oxygen delivery, decrease lactic acid, prevent cramps, minimize muscle fatigue, increase circulation and blood flow, decrease muscle soreness and perceived fatigue, and they keep you warm. They have even been found to increase blood flow and aid in the uptake of excess fluid in the lymphatic system of the legs during the recovery period after running. Based on a study by Elmarie Terblanche at Stellenbosch University in South Africa, those who ran in compression socks during the Two Oceans Ultra Marathon had significantly less damage. They were found to recover more quickly. Some were even ready to train in only three days. Those wearing compression socks ran 12 minutes faster, on average.

All the while, compression socks keep you looking "cool"- we offer you a wide selection of trendy and colorful options.

Let us help you pick out the right compression socks for your particular needs.  For any questions you may have, hit the blue comment button on the left.  We would love to help.

Compression Socks Benefits:

  • Increased Oxygen delivery
  • Decreased lactic acid
  • Prevent cramps
  • Minimized muscle fatigue
  • Increased circulation and blood flow
  • Decreased muscle soreness and perceived fatigue
  • Possible increased blood flow and lymph removal during the recovery period after running
May 05, 2014


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