Best Places to Buy Cheap Insoles

Shoe insoles are extremely important for those of us that have foot, knee and back problems or simply want additional comfort in our shoes as we work all day or perform athletic activities.

Because insoles are so popular, you can now find them almost anywhere you shop from sporting goods stores like Dick’s and REI to pharmacy’s like Walgreens or CVS.

Not all places are experts on insoles however, so the Insoles and Beyond team wanted to compile a list of the best places to buy cheap insoles on the web.

Why you ask? Because there are locations online that are not only focused specifically on the sales of insoles, but showcase the largest selection and cheapest insoles you can find anywhere.

Top 3 Best Places to Buy Cheap Insoles

Insoles and Beyond focuses specifically on selling insoles and selling them at the cheapest possible price while educating the consumer at the same time. Not only that, but they include FREE shipping on all orders.


You may be surprised to hear this buy eBay has one of the best selections of insoles on the web. Not only can you find new insoles for sale but also you can buy directly from sellers who purchased an insole that didn’t work for them and are selling at a sharply discounted rate.

Dr. Scholl’s

While the Dr. Scholl’s website is brand specific it has some great insoles not available in many other places. They also offer constant discounts in their Savings and Offers section.