August 09, 2015

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Why Men Should Consider Compression Socks.

Compression Socks for Men

Compression socks and stockings have long been used by women.  But men can get the same great benefits by wearing compression socks made specifically for them.  Here are the benefits of wearing compression socks.  Men and women are both susceptible to vein and leg problems. 

Why Wear Compression Socks?

Here are the benefits of wearing compression socks for men:

  1. They give comfort and promote good health. Compression socks help improve blood flow, they also allow better transmission of oxygen throughout body. The pressure on the lower limbs moves the blood back to the heart for a healthy circulation. 
  2. They offer great relief after intense leg use or workout. Standing, running, or doing other activities can exhaust legs and feet. These activities can produce a toxin called lactic acid in the muscle, which can trigger soreness and pain. The best remedy is to wear compression socks to allow better blood flow. 
  3. They prevent the development of varicose veins. Based on medical studies, spiders or varicose veins are caused by a pool of blood. This happens when the veins could no longer return the blood back to the heart as they always do. Besides age, other causes of varicose veins include pregnancy, prolonged standing, weak veins and valves, and weight.Wearing compressive socks, however, can help suppress formation of varicose veins. The pressure can push the blood up to the heart and help promote better blood circulation.
  4. They boost physical performance. Men who wear compression socks benefit from an improved physical activity. As the socks provide graduated compression and assist the body in resisting gravity and returning blood to the heart, the socks help boost recovery rate, which in turn, enhance physical performance.

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