Inserts for Flat Feet Make Your Shoes into Flat Feet Shoes

Lots of people think they have flat feet, whether they have fallen arches, low arches, significant overpronation, or truly flat feet. While it’s not common to have an actual flat foot, the common low arch problem does lend itself to needing some help.

We get a lot of inquiries about insoles and orthotics for flat feet and shoes for flat feet. There are certainly arch support shoes you can find on the market, but the options are limited and not always attractive. What we at Insoles and Beyond aim to do is help you make your favorite shoes into the ideal flat feet shoes for you. You don’t need to toss all of your comfortable or cute shoes and boots just because you have low arches or flat foot pain. Try an arch support insert for flat feet and see if that makes any difference. We offer free shipping to the U.S. and a no-hassle return policy to make it even easier for you to find the right flat foot inserts.

People with low arches or overpronated flat feet can often find pain relief and increased stability from many of the flat feet inserts we offer. Different insoles work better in different kinds of shoes, so finding the right insole for your shoes is not only feasible but easy to do. Whether it’s your favorite close-fitting dress shoes or you have some must-wear work boots to keep you safe on the job, we can help turn your close-toed shoes of any style into shoes for flat feet – just by adding an arch support insole.

Often the best inserts for flat feet are determined by the arch height that the insert offers. Many insoles are made with firm, supportive arches that work well for lots of feet, but we also have heat-molded insoles from Sole that take the shape of your foot, as well as some insoles specifically designed by Sof Sole and currexSole to fit people with lower arches.

It turns out, sometimes the best shoes for flat feet are your own shoes. Let us help you make your own shoes into shoes for flat feet.

Product Spotlight: Sof Sole Fit

One of the most versatile insoles we carry at Insoles and Beyond is the Sof Sole Fit. The Fit comes in three varieties, which address the specific needs of each arch type – high, low, and medium. By choosing the Fit insole that is best for your arch height, you are choosing a more highly customized orthotic insert for running shoes, dress shoes, or even work shoes. While the Fit is great for working out and exercising, we especially love it for the comfort and support it offers in everyday, regular ol’ footwear.

The key to selecting the right type of Fit insole for you is knowing the type of arch support you like best. A good place to start is by ordering the insole designed to support your specific arch height, whether it’s high, low, or medium. Some people will find, though, that they might prefer a little more support. The Fit makes a great insole for flat feet because of the different options available, any of which will add support and re-balance a foot arch that is collapsing in on itself. If a medium arch height is too much, you have the option of selecting the low variety.

Personally, I find that I do best with a lot of extra support and height in my insole, so I will use a size “higher” than my neutral-to-high arch instead of going “lower” with a medium or neutral arch. Having the extra arch support keeps the high bones of my foot where they are supposed to be, which helps me control plantar fasciitis pain. So if you have plantar fasciitis, you could very well find that one of the fit’s varieties makes a great plantar fasciitis insole for you, too.

The Fit from Sof Sole is an excellently made insole for boots and shoes. It has two main layers – one is a flexible foam layer, and the other is the supportive “frame” that provides good foot alignment and heel support for stability.

If you have never tried the Fit before, we highly recommend it here! You can learn more about the Fit and its customized sizing options on our Fit product page. And please ask us any questions, any time! We are here to help you find the comfort and support you need.

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