Product Spotlight: Powerstep Pinnacle and Pinnacle Maxx

Has your podiatrist or orthopedist recommended that you start wearing replacement insole for overpronation? Or maybe you were told by a doctor that you have a flat foot and you need arch support inserts for it. For these and many other reasons, patients look for Powerstep inserts. Powerstep is one of the most highly recommended arch supports by the medical community, thanks in part to their long-standing reputation for being one of the best orthopedic shoe inserts available. Founded in 1991 by an experienced orthopedist who had studied the custom orthotics he’d been making for patients for years, Powerstep refers to itself as “the gold standard” in arch supports. Since that time, the company has been living up to its mission of providing foot pain relief through supportive insoles.

We are pleased to offer the Powerstep Pinnacle, as well as the Powerstep Pinnacle Maxx. These are two of the most highly recommended replacement insoles on the market, and either the Pinnacle or the Pinnacle Maxx will work for a range of foot shapes and shoe types. If you have flat feet, you overpronate, or you simply want to make your shoes more comfortable, here's what the Pinnacle and the Pinnacle Maxx can do for you.

The Pinnacle is Powerstep’s most popular insole. It features a contoured shell that stabilizes the heel and supports the arch, covered in two layers of padding for comfort. In the heel cup, a slight lift (called a "post") secures the heel into correct posture, which addresses the issues of pronation and flat-footedness. The anti-bacterial top layer reduces heat and friction in the shoe, making it not only a supportive environment that provides efficiency and stability, but a comfortable one as well.

The Pinnacle Maxx shares many features with the Pinnacle, but it is set apart by its supreme cushioning. The cushioning in the Pinnacle Maxx is the most plush cushioning available from Powerstep, making it also one of the best insoles for foot pain caused by bunions, neuropathy, and even heel spurs and plantar fasciitis.

The Pinnacle series comes highly recommended to correct pronation and to support flat feet. These insoles are among the best insoles for overpronation and they’re also some of the best insoles for flat feet. If you suffer from either (or both) of these two issues and you are looking for a new pair of insoles to try, consider the Pinnacle and the Pinnacle Maxx from Powerstep.

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