Protect Your Feet on the Court with Basketball Insoles

Basketball is a sport that is fantastic for cardiovascular health, all around fitness and competitive fun. While great exercise, it poses many risks of injury.  Some of those risks can be prevented with proper outfitting. Most basketball shoes are made with cheap foam insoles that offer no support and inadequate cushioning. Footwear manufacturers typically expect you to get insoles to meet your need for adequate support and comfort. Basketball players need footwear that provides a good fit along with the right basketball insole to protect feet from injury.  Insoles that are designed for basketball will minimize strains, aches and pain.  

The best basketball insoles will absorb shock and reduce muscle fatigue. 

During the course of a game, basketball players run, sprint,  jump and pivot a great deal.  Movement in so many directions can exhaust the knees, ankles and feet.  These activities make the impact of low body stress unavoidable. Stress and impact vibration through the arches are some of the sources of knee, foot and ankle injuries. The best basketball insoles absorb shock resulting in a reduction of muscle fatigue in lower limbs.  When a player jumps as much as is typical in a game of basketball, a great deal of shock is absorbed by the heel.  Basketball insoles should have extra cushioning at the base of the heel.   They also aid in reducing the shock that runs through the feet with repeated jumping.  Cushioned basketball insoles provide stabilization that will minimize damage to the balls of the feet and protect the heels.

The best insoles for basketball players stabilize and support the foot. 

The best insoles for basketball not only offer shock absorption, they also stabilize the foot and support the arches.  Basketball insoles provide added stability, lessen the risk of injury and enable you to play with greater comfort, allowing you to stay focused on the game. Basketball Insoles provide the necessary stabilization for feet and heels.  The arch support provided by insoles will also decreases the stress on joints and tendons in the knees.

Research has been done to show which types of basketball insoles are best for different arches.  While some people experiment to see which product works best for their foot, here are a few general rules when trying to match your arch to a suitable insole:

  • *Low-flat arches (that are more prone to over-pronation or rolling over): High support.  An arch support with a more rigid base will be best.

  • Medium/Neutral Arches are uncommon. Only 15% of the population have neutral arches: Moderate support with a lot of cushioning.

  • High Arches, prone to over-flexing and imbalance: A lot of cushioning for the arch firm instead of arch support (this cushioning enables the arch to relax and promotes weight distribution evenly over the whole foot rather than the ball and heel).  More even weight distribution will promote better balance.

Make your feet happy with the right basketball insole for your feet and watch your game improve! Okay, maybe you aren’t NBA material, but you will decrease your risk of injury and increase your comfort, allowing you to focus on your game.