Basketball Leg Sleeves

If you are looking for a fashion forward way to increase comfort while you play and provide healthy benefits, then you should be wearing basketball leg sleeves while playing hoops.

Not only do Basketball leg sleeves look great on the court, they assist in warming a players muscles while on the bench. These aid in preventing further damage to any pre-existing injuries or conditions. Basketball leg sleeves apply compression that helps structural alignment of the legs and prevents additional stress on muscles and joints. This joint tracking is important because over the course of a season inflammation can build up, resulting in structural misalignment. Misalignment can mean pain, stress and injury over time. Compression provided by basketball leg sleeves also prevents additional stress on muscles and joints. Basketball leg sleeves provide padding that prevents those court burns that can be as painful as carpet burns.  

Basketball leg sleeves keep legs fresher during play by increasing circulation and preventing swelling. While they will keep your legs and muscles warm, they will keep you looking like one of the coolest players on the court.

  • Increase comfort
  • Warm legs and muscles
  • Aid in injury prevention through joint tracking
  • Provide padding
  • Increase circulation
  • Prevent swelling
  • Look great!

Something to remember when ordering basketball leg sleeves

  • Measure calves for appropriate sizing. If the sleeves are too tight they will be uncomfortable and difficult to put on. Too loose, and they will not provide enough compression and tend to slide down during a game.

Basketball leg sleeves boost your body awareness during a game and, who knows, may make you play like an all star. Give them a try. 

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