Birkenstock BirkoSport

The BirkoSport arch support insole is a two-layer insole that can work together or separately to create an insole that is customized to your personal preferences of cushioning and support. Combining Birkenstock’s traditional cork-based footbed technology with a durable polymer to create the insole footbed creates a durable insole that adapts to each foot’s shape while providing ample arch support. The second BirkoSport layer is a resilient foam that lies atop the cork base to provide cushioning and shock absorption. These are ideal inserts for flat feet and they work well for high arches, too. Customers love these inserts for plantar fasciitis.

Type: Insoles

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Reviews for Birkenstock BirkoSport
5 out of 5, based on 4 reviews
Rich from Novi, Michigan on Jul 05, 2015
A great product, suggested by an avid racewalker. Thanks John. I'm real happy with the fit and the comfort of this product. I have lost all the padding on both my feet because of having been on kidney dialysis. I had diabetes for over 35 years, until in the year 2000, I had a double organ transplant (kidney/pancreas). I no longer have to take insulin four times a day. My new life allows me to do things I could only have dreamt about 15 years ago. Thank you U/W Madison.
Kilt Bill from Santa Barbara, CA on Mar 26, 2015
I am a long time fan of Birkenstock shoes and sandals, but this was my first time trying their insoles. I was doubly relieved by the BirkoSport insoles: 1st, the comfort and support that I experience with my Birkenstock shoes! Sometimes if I've been wearing other shoes and my feet are tired, I'll put on my Birkenstock sandals and walk around the house or the neighborhood to give my feet a little massage and these insoles are giving me that level of comfort! 2nd, the BirkoSport insoles have given my urban hiking shoes (I'll admit it... the only dirt my Ahnu's get on them is if I step on a dirt clod that fell off someone's Subaru), a second life! Now, if you know anything about Birk's, they can take a couple days of wearing to break them in... I found the insoles to be similar. But now that the cork footbed support has formed to my foot, I feel like my shoes are good for many more months of wear and tear, plus extreme comfort and support for my feet.
Vanessa from France on Nov 28, 2014
Wonderfully comfortable - can walk normally now, despite plantar fasciitis
James B. from North Carolina on Sep 29, 2013
I have been a long time Birkenstock fan (I credit them with curing my year long case of plantar fasciitis) and was excited to learn about BirkoSport insoles. I wear them when I play basketball. They have made a ton of difference - my feet don't hurt during or after play.