Compression hose and compression socks for women offer a solution for circulatory problems and chronic venous disease ranging from spider veins and edema to DVTs. Support hose are also effective for women who simply want to increase the circulation in their lower legs and relieve the tired, achy, heavy feeling that legs get. Increased circulation in the legs leads to greater blood flow and higher energy, making compression hose ideal for many people, not just those with visible spider veins or another venous or circulatory disease diagnosis. 

The medical technology behind compression stockings for women lies in the fact that the body responds to pressure. The gentle, even, elastic pressure provided by compression stockings triggers the major muscles in the legs to activate; it’s this activation that promotes increased circulation. Compression counteracts the pressure that extended periods of standing and sitting place on the venous system, stimulating muscles to support the veins and promote greater functioning. Distended veins don’t function well, but compression alleviates those problems. As veins begin to function better, circulation improves. 

Compression stockings for women have improved significantly over the years, and we’ve selected compression garments that are comfortable, soft, and sheer while remaining effective. They feature exceptional sheerness, unmatched softness, and comfortable elastic bands and cuffs. Comfort, quality, and greater health can be just a step away when you consider compression socks and compression hose. 

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