The Athlete's Arch Support Insoles for Running and Sports

Designed by a world champion triathlete and sports scientist, currexSole creates insoles for running, hiking, tennis, basketball and other sports.  The secret to these arch support insoles is their Dynamic Arch Technology - DAT.  The purpose of the Dynamic Arch Technology is to guide the foot and keep it in its optimal position.  Each DAT is constructed based on specific biomechanics determined by foot type.  

CurrexSole Cradles Your Specific Foot Type with Orthotics for Flat Feet, Low, Neutral, and High Arch Insoles.

Every CurrexSole insole model comes in three variations - high, medium, and low.  Which one will you need?  CurrexSole has an interactive online fitting which you can easily do at home to help you determine your foot profile.  Try currexSole's online fitting now.  Whether you need orthotics for flat feet, insoles for low, neutral or high arches, are a overpronator or supinator, currexSole's Dynamic Arch Technology will cradle your arch, distribute pressure evenly, absorb energy upon impact and release energy like a spring upon launch.  Not every foot is created the same.  CurrexSole has something for every athlete. 

Whether you need Insoles for Running, Insoles for Hiking, Insoles for Skiing or Other Sport, You're Covered. 

CurrexSole comes in three models: (1) RunPro; (2) ActivePro; and (3) EdgePro.  As you would imagine, the RunPro is designed specifically as an insole for running.  ActivePro's are great insoles for hiking, tennis, basketball, football, soccer, rugby, golf, volleyball, and other sports.  EdgePro's are excellent insoles for skiing, snowboarding, and skating. 

Insoles and Beyond is proud to offer our customers these sports specific, high quality insoles.  You are going to love currexSole. 


Key features of currexSole's insoles for running shoes. 

  • Specifically designed for running; 
  • Only insoles with Dynamic Arch Technology (DAT); 
  • Ultra Light (35 grams in size M); 
  • Breathable with active moisture management; 
  • Very low profile forefoot and heel; 
  • Appropriate for racing and minimalist shoes as well as motion control shoes; 
  • Rounded heel with deep heel cup; 
  • Decoupled heel which allows the heel to remain stable while the arch naturally pronates; 
  • Forefoot rebound pad; 
  • Rear foot Poron;
  • Flexes with your shoes and does not alter the technology of the shoe; 
  • Multiple variations per model (arch height, density, size and design) based on your foot profile; and 
  • patented sizing process to respect the customers foot type and biomechanics by combining arch type and knee rotation.


Click here to read some Frequently Asked Questions and their answers from currexSole.