Heat Moldable Insoles

Our feet are as unique and individual as we are, sometimes varying on the same person’s body.  Heat moldable insoles are designed to give customized support. They also provide shock absorption exactly where it is needed and cushion where the foot may be lacking.  Our feet were designed with arches that support our body, much like arches the Romans used to build bridges and aqueducts. The purpose of the arch is to distribute the load it’s carrying in order to support with the least amount of material and effort necessary. The arches in our feet also absorb shock and prevent the blood vessels and nerves in our feet from being crushed.  Over time the arches in our feet can take a real battering and fall. Some symptoms that may indicate that arches have fallen are:

  • Back and leg pain
  • The inside bottom of the foot may become swollen
  • Pain in feet around arches and heels
  • Tired feet
  • Pain with foot movement

Heat moldable orthotics have been gaining popularity.

Until recent years foot specialists have not been very enthusiastic about heat moldable insoles or heat moldable orthotics. They suggested that their patients use the orthotics they would craft in the office or have made from castings they made in the office. Specialists had to be specially trained to cast the foot, then make customized heat molded orthotics and insoles using the casts with expensive materials and equipment. Some foot specialists used pressure plates that gave little information about the specific needs of the person’s foot. The materials that orthotics were made of did not adequately address the problems that patients were needing help with, thus the lack of enthusiasm and confidence in heat moldable orthotics as a solid solution for their patients. Thankfully, the technology behind materials that are being used to make customized heat moldable insoles has brought us a long way in the last few years. Foot specialists are quite enthusiastic about many of the insoles and heat moldable orthotics on the market.  They are no longer prefabricated, generic shaped and low-arched; there are now great heat moldable orthotics on the market that are highly promoted by foot specialists.

The 4 critical areas affected by foot orthotics are:

  • Arch Height
  • Shape
  • Pressure
  • Flexibility

Heat moldable orthotics addresses each of these areas as they are custom-fit to the individual foot, providing the comfort and support needed for the foot to function properly. Studies performed at Georgia State and McMaster Universities confirm that superior biomechanical results can be achieved using heat moldable insoles. Simply stated, heat moldable orthotics go a long way in restoring the feet to their original design and function. When this happens the knees are appropriate distances apart, heels are straighter and heels face forward properly. All of these factors work together to improve a person’s gate and prevent foot, hip, knee and low back problems from fallen arches.

If you suspect that your arches are not in good shape or have fallen let us help you get them up and running again. If you suffer from lower body pain, heat moldable insoles may be just what you need to alleviate your discomfort. And if you have diabetes it is imperative for you to pay close attention to your arches to help ensure that the tendons and nerves can work as well as possible.  

Let us know if we can help you find the right heat moldable insole in our stock to meet your needs.