Archmolds Ultimate Heat Moldable Insoles

Archmolds Ultimate Heat Moldable Insoles

The Archmolds Ultimate is a wonderful selection for those who tend to pronate heavily or carry more weight. The Ultimate offers the most support that you will find in Archmold insoles. They can be used in footwear that has insoles that are removable. An heat moldable crib offers twice the support that you receive from Archmolds Maximum. Extra comfort and support are provided through a sub-layer of cushioning that is heat-moldable and made up of 1.5 mm of polyurethane.  


  • EVA sub-layer that is heat-moldable for a more personal fit.
  • Ultimate support provided by a tough heat moldable foot cradle.
  • Comfort added through 1.5mm polyurethane cushion.
  • Deep heel cradle.
  • Flexibility and spring provided through a solid arch support that has cut outs in the cradle.
  • Moisture, odor and bacteria are controlled with a top layer of advanced AG Nano Silver antibacterial fabric.

    Type: Insoles

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