Sole Softec Response

Heat Moldable Insoles for Running Shoes

The Softec RESPONSE insole offers the heel-to-toe support of every SOLE insole with a layer of Softec cushioning technology to make it ideal for everyday activity. The RESPONSE has a medium thickness, making it useful in a wide range of shoe types including running and walking shoes and athletic shoes of various kinds. These are great inserts for high arches, and the heat moldable nature of every insert makes them customizable for all foot shapes, making these some of the best inserts for flat feet as well. Customers say these are orthotics for pronation and that they offer great arch support for plantar fasciitis as well.

Want to know how heat moldable insoles work?  Watch this: 

Type: Insoles

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4 out of 5, based on 1 reviews
uncymbal from NC on Oct 02, 2013
I picked the Response for the Softec cushioning. The insole is great, it fits into my shoe well and I'm really happy with it. It's comfortable even without the heat molding, and I didn't have any adjustment period. I will probably look at the Ultra for my hiking boots, which are the ones in this line that have a little more room for all that cushion. The Softec is no joke - I love it. The only drawback for me is that I have high arches and I like a ton of arch support when I'm going to be standing on my feet a lot, so for those days, I will probably go with a different pair of shoes with some high arch support insoles instead.