Do I need insoles for high arches? 

The foot is one of the most complicated parts of the body, with its 26 bones and loads of ligaments and tendons holding everything together and keeping it the high-functioning, flexible structure powerhouse that it is. The part of the foot most commonly referred to as the “arch” is also known as the midfoot, and one potential issue in the midfoot is a high arch. A high arch isn’t considered high unless it remains off the ground when standing, barefoot, on a flat surface. 

High arch insoles can help alleviate pain.

Having high arches is a lot less common than having flat feet, and those with high arches may frequently deal with foot pain as a result of the structure of their feet. Because the arches are so high, they bear a lot of weight that would otherwise be distributed to the metatarsals (the long bones connecting the toes to the arch). It’s not uncommon for the high-arched foot to lack the necessary support from the adjoining ligaments and tendons, and bearing the strain can become too much, resulting in pain. Additionally, pain from high arches can be exacerbated by shoes that are too tight, and finding loose enough shoes can be difficult. If you’ve got high arches, be sure that your footwear isn’t too restrictive and you are able to move your entire foot freely and naturally. 

We offer some of the best inserts for high arches. 

People with high arches could almost always benefit from high arch insoles, especially if there is foot pain present. Insoles for high arches offer support to the arches without changing the natural movement of the foot, thereby relieving the strain on the arch and its supporting connective tissues. We have collected some of the best inserts for high arches that are available on the market, so do yourself a favor and find some support today.