Hiking boot insoles relieve stress on your feet during your hike. 

We have a lot of active customers, and many of them are looking for hiking boot insoles. Maintaining proper foot health in boots is critical, especially because hiking involves a lot of strenuous activity focused directly on the feet. There are a few things to take into consideration when looking for the best insoles for hiking boots to keep you stable and pain-free on the trails. You’ll need to find the right amount of arch support, the type of heel pocket or shape that is right for your foot, the type of cushioning you want (or not), and the metatarsal support (or lack thereof) that is best for you. While these seem like a lot of factors that can be combined in a huge range of products, it really isn’t difficult to find the best hiking boot insoles for you. 

Finding the Best Insoles for Hiking Boots

One of the benefits of hiking boots is their roominess, or “volume” as it is referred to. Because most boots tend to be high volume shoes, they can often accommodate a high volume insole. That’s good news for your feet, because high volume insoles come with a lot of the features you may want in a hiking boot insole. Generally speaking, the best boot insoles are going to have a deep heel pocket and a significant amount of cushioning, both for comfort and for shock absorption. You may also want to be sure there’s a firmer arch support to help your foot keep its alignment more easily, relieving some foot fatigue as you work your way up and down the trails. Having too much arch support is not a good thing, though, and it can lead to pain and discomfort – something we’re trying to avoid. If you aren’t sure what kind of arch support you would prefer, you may want to consider a medium amount of support and see how that does.