Leather Insoles

Why leather insoles? People who prefer leather insoles for shoes are most often looking for an insole made from natural materials. Many who subscribe to alternative ideas in medicine believe that leather provides grounding that allows the body to get rid of harmful charges. Whether you share those ideas or not, leather feels great and allows the feet to breathe. Most expensive dress shoes are constructed with leather insoles. If you find these more preferable, leather insoles are for you!  The leather arch supports we carry come in full-length and three-quarter length. They’re suitable for both dress shoes and casual shoes for men and women.


Benefits of leather insoles:

  • Easily swapped among shoes.
  • Increased stability and support provided through semi-rigid heel cradle and arch support for casual and dress shoes.
  • Soft, supportive feel along with targeted, moderate cushioning using Variable Cushioning Technology.
  • Ample wiggle room at the toes with shorter three-quarter length.
  • Durable EVA foam base with dual layer cushioning.
  • Premium, natural distressed leather conforms to the foot contour and softens with use.  

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