Mediven (medi), a top international healthcare provider that specializes in products and technologies that help people feel better. Mediven compression stockings deliver on that promise by providing soft, durable support socks and support hose that are easy to wear and proven to be effective. 

The accurate, precise graduated compression provided by mediven’s products promotes circulatory and lymphatic health. Compression stockings for women and compression socks for men are specifically intended to relieve chronic venous diseases, allowing the wearers to live with greater independence, more productivity, and increased satisfaction with their health and their lives. 

Venous diseases are often not taken seriously, and they frequently go undiagnosed. This is unfortunate for two reasons – one, sufferers have a reduced quality of life; and two, chronic venous diseases are frequently easy to treat. Compression therapy – the type that is provided by mediven compression garments like the ones we sell – is not only effective for treating venous disease, it’s proven to have the best outcome of all the available treatment options. The more you wear your compression garments, the more effective the treatment will be, so bear this in mind as you consider this form of therapy. Mediven’s compression stockings and compression socks are made of soft, durable material that’s easy to get on and easy to wear. 

If you’re facing venous disease, or if you just want to start feeling better and have more energy, we recommend trying mediven’s compression socks and compression hose. They come with the most comprehensive quality guarantee in the industry, courtesy of mediven, and we get them to you with fast, free domestic shipping. If you have any questions about these products or about the benefits that compression stockings can bring to your overall health, please contact us. We want you to feel better, and we’re happy to help. 

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