New Balance Supportive Cushioning Insole 3810

Cushioned Arch Support Insoles

New Balance’s Supportive Cushioning insole does just what its name says – it provides supportive cushioning in an arch support insole. Cushioning pads at the heel and forefoot provide shock absorption and add comfort where it’s needed most, and the support arch from the heel to the metatarsals provides stability and support. Customers use this is as a plantar fasciitis insert for their athletic and casual shoes and boots with good results.

Type: Insoles

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Reviews for New Balance Supportive Cushioning Insole 3810
5 out of 5, based on 3 reviews
Herman from NC on Oct 10, 2014
These are so good I bought more to put in my other shoes! Great service here as well.
Herman from NC on Jul 10, 2014
These insoles are great. They wree not very comfortable the first night I tried them but the next morning I went for a 4 mile walk in them and they are amazing. I have flat feet and a friend suggested I try these insoles. I was not very optimistic because I've tried quite a few other insoles without success these were a very pleasant surprise. I was also very impressed with the service from insoles and beyond. I highly recommend these insoles and insoles and beyond.
Pete F. from Florida on Oct 03, 2013
These are great! I have been a long time fan of new balance shoes, but have never tried their insoles. I tend to have a good deal of arch strain and heel pain after walking for long periods or playing sports no matter what shoes I wear. I also tend to get pain in the ball of my foot after running. Based on the description, I thought these insoles would be a good fit for my particular needs. I bought them just before going on vacation to a big city where I'd be doing a ton of walking on pavement all day. These have been fantastic. No foot pain and tons of comfort. I highly recommend these.