Do I need orthotics for flat feet?

Having flat feet is considered a heredity trait, but it’s not uncommon for flat feet to develop over time. It’s not necessarily a problem to have flat feet, but some people can end up with pain as a result of flat feet and the factors that led to them. The human foot has 26 bones that are connected by ligaments and tendons, creating an intricate network of moving parts that are both stable and flexible. Often, flat feet are the result of years of wear and tear from ongoing, repetitive stress to the tendons that offer arch support, including the Achilles tendon and the posterior tibial tendon, which goes from the top of the arch to the inside of the ankle. One common cause of flat feet developing over time is the frequent use of high heels.  Luckily, there are many orthotics for flat feet available. 

The solution to foot pain caused by flat feet is to find the best orthotics for flat feet. 

Having flat feet can result in additional undue stress on some parts of the foot, whether the problem stems from too much pressure on the arch and its surrounding connective tissue, or from a functionality issue with movement and gait. Often the solution for foot pain in this situation is to find the best orthotics for flat feet.  

Shoe inserts for flat feet may reduce pain. 

If you’ve got flat feet and your feet are hurting, shoe inserts for flat feet may be exactly what you need to correct the problem and return to health and full function. Flat feet shoe inserts may play a significant role in addressing your foot health problems, but there are a few other things you’ll want to keep in mind as well. Be sure that your footwear is stable, flexible, and not too tight or restrictive, and avoid any shoes that don’t allow for the natural movement of the foot (such as high heels). 

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