Plantar Fasciitis Socks

Anyone who suffers from plantar fasciitis will tell you that the most painful steps they take during the day occur in the morning when their feet hit the floor. That’s not the way most of us want to start the day.  

The best plantar fasciitis treatment is going to employ various methods. These include rest, NSAID, ice/heat, insoles/orthotics, plantar fasciitis braces, and plantar fasciitis socks. In order to heal plantar fasciitis in the least time, maximize the healing properties of each of these remedies and allow them to work in conjunction with one another.

Plantar fasciitis socks, particularly Powerstep UltraStretch Night Socks are a wonderful addition to your treatment arsenal, providing an innovative solution for gentle dorsiflexion stretching during the night so that tearing is minimized or eliminated. Reducing and eliminating tearing will enable the plantar fascia to heal more quickly. There are also styles of plantar fasciitis socks that can be worn with shoes, insoles, and orthotics to provide the extra cushion along with light, even compression needed to alleviate aches and pains. Some people need a little more support and compression day in and day out in conjunction with insoles/orthotics.

Let us know how we can assist you in taking advantage of all the remedies available to heal your feet in the least amount of time and with the most comfort available.