Plantar Fasciitis Wraps

When a person is diagnosed with plantar fasciitis, it will often times be recommended that they employ plantar fasciitis wraps to relieve pressure that is causing tears and strain.  Heel That Pain plantar fasciitis wraps can easily be put on and taken off, secured with a velcro strap, and non-slip bottom that provides protection from falling and provides safe traction for slick surfaces.

The plantar fasciitis wraps by Heel That Pain can be worn with or without footwear. With neoprene fabric construction the wraps are soft, flexible, lightweight and comfortable. Heel That Pain Heel Seats provide the same acupressure to pain hot spots due to plantar fasciitis and heel spurs that you find in Heel That Pain shoe insert treatments; BUT you don’t have to wear shoes with them. They can be worn while barefoot, wearing sandals, flip flops or minimalist shoes.