Arch Support Inserts For All Foot Types

Sof Sole offers a wide range of insoles.  Sof Sole's Fit Series offers arch support inserts for all three foot types - those with low, neutral and high arches. 

Orthotics for Flat Feet, Neutral and High Arches

What sets the Sof Sole Fit apart from Sof Sole’s other products is its design, which incorporates Sof Sole’s durable Durometer foam with durable nylon plates that keep the insole’s shape and support the foot from heel to toe. The three different arch heights allow you to select the right amount of support for your own foot, making the Fit a versatile orthotic shoe insert that works as an insert for flat feet as well as an insert for high arches. 

Once you’ve determined your arch height, it’s easy to know which Fit will be right for you: The Fit High Arch features an arch height of 3.3 centimeters, which makes it an ideal arch support insert for high arches, very high arches, or those with neutral arches who like a lot of support. The Fit Neutral Arch features an arch height of 3.0 centimeters, and it is ideal for people with medium or neutral arches, or those with flat feet who like a lot of support.The Fit Low Arch features an arch height of 2.8 centimeters. This is an ideal insole for flat feet and those who want some support but are sensitive to the average arch height of most insoles.

Here's a video to help you determine your arch type: 

Many Customers Use These Inserts as Orthotics For Plantar Fasciitis Pain Relief

Many of our customers experience the benefits of wearing arch support insoles for plantar fasciitis, exercise, and everyday wear. The Fit series offers stability and support to the foot, providing a comfortable shoe interior that aligns the foot and ensure proper function and movement. The Fit can be worn in a wide range of footwear, including running shoes, dress shoes, and work boots. Find the right Fit for you here at Insoles and Beyond.