Versatile and Flexible Arch Support Inserts

SOLE has been at the forefront of affordable orthotic insoles and footwear since the company’s inception in 2002. With a wide range of shapes and sizes to fit all types of feet, SOLE inserts are versatile and flexible enough for nearly every foot. They are designed to have an ideal orthotic shape to provide stability to the heel, support to the arch, and a flexible forefoot to adjust to all activities and activity levels. Each SOLE insole has a built-in foot arch support that is flexible enough to adjust to your own arches but firm enough to offer support and stability without flattening.

Affordable Custom Fit Arch Support Insoles Technology 

SOLE’s shoe inserts are designed to fit a wide range of foot shapes, but the real custom fit comes from SOLE’s custom footbed technology. This special technology makes up the top layer of each of SOLE’s products, making your SOLE orthotics into heat moldable insoles that can have a perfect custom fit for your feet. The combination of the engineered shape with the custom-molded layer gives you the benefit of expensive orthotics at an off-the-shelf price. Each pair of inserts comes with directions to get this heat-molded custom fit using the oven or microwave, but many customers find that the inserts fit so well out of the package that they don’t even need to adjust anything. 

Great Shoe Inserts for Flat Feet and Inserts for Plantar Fasciitis

SOLE’s custom footbed inserts are accepted by the American Podiatric Medical Association, but you don’t need a hundred-year-old medical association to know that these are some of the best shoe inserts available. Customers are particularly enthusiastic about these shoe inserts for flat feet, and they are also great inserts for plantar fasciitis. If your shoe size is a half-size or if you wear wide sizing, it’s best to order the next size up and trim the forefoot of the insole to fit. You can learn more about each insole in the product’s description, or get in touch with one of our customer support representatives if you’d like a little bit of guidance. 

Insoles and Beyond offers a wide selection of these premium SOLE insoles. Take a look at our selection to find the best insole for you, and if you have any questions, let us know! We are here to help.

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