Tennis Insoles Add Comfort and Support on the Court

Tennis is a sport that can be enjoyed from early youth through the golden years. Tennis players get a wonderful workout.  A tennis player’s feet also get quite a workout. A tennis match requires non-stop movement, forward, backward, side-to-side, lunging, starts and sudden stops. Proper footwear is important to prevent injury and to allow tennis players to get the best return on their energy expenditure. The design of most tennis shoes should stand up to the stresses and strains put on them during a match. However, the insoles that are in tennis shoes are fairly generic and little more than inexpensive fillers. To get adequate comfort, support and cushioning a tennis player would do well to use one of our tennis insoles.

The best tennis insoles include support and cushioning. 

Common tennis injuries are caused by impact and sudden change. The best tennis insoles will increase the support and cushioning that tennis shoes offer.  The best insoles for tennis will also reduce excess movement, making the various moves during a match more efficient.  Foot injuries during tennis are more common when a player already has any of these conditions: stress fracture, toenail problems, tendonitis, corns, blisters, Morton’s neuroma, bursitis, calluses, athlete’s foot, heel spurs, flat feet, high arches or hammer toes. Tennis insoles help to relieve pain from these existing conditions so that a player can focus on better form, preventing further injury.

Insoles and Beyond offer some of the best insoles for tennis. 

We carry some of the best insoles for tennis. Take a look at our selection. You’ll find that our insoles provide support, stability, cushioning and guidance for feet during tennis. We’re here to help tennis players take care of the needs of their feet during a match so that they play with confidence in their footwork and ball strikes.  

Let Insoles and Beyond help you win!