Thin Insoles

If you spend a large amount of time in shoes other than athletic shoes, at some point, you have most likely had a pair of shoes that looked and felt great initially, but hurt your feet over the course of the time you wore them. Thankfully the thin, cheap liners that most shoes come with can be taken out and replaced with thin insoles that allow you to wear those shoes that look great and enable you to be comfortable. Additionally, thin insoles help keep your feet stay supported and stable. Comfort and stability go a long way in promoting foot health.

Thin insoles are a great help to those who wear low-volume footwear, such as cleats, basketball shoes, running shoes and casual and dress shoes. The light, flexible foam that most thin insoles are made of are designed to adapt to the contour to the foot without losing its supportive shape. Thin insoles provide cushion for the heel and forefront of the foot to enhance shock absorption, protecting the feet, legs, knees, hips and back from unnecessary pain or injury. Athletes who wear low volume or minimal volume shoes appreciate the semi-flexible arch support for low-profile stability. The semi-flexible support also provides some motion control support for the arches and heels.  

Thin insoles are a great way to go if you need that little extra help with stability and comfort while wearing more minimalist athletic, casual or dress shoes. Let us help you pick out the right thin insole for your shoes to keep your feet feeling and looking great.