Wide Insoles

Feet, like the rest of our bodies, come in all sorts of sizes and shapes and can vary greatly from one person to the next. Shoes also vary greatly in size and length depending on the type and style. That being the case, it is not reasonable to think that there would not be a need for insoles to accommodate narrow feet as well as insoles for wide feet. People with narrow feet will find it easier to find properly fitting insoles because they can always trim them down to meet their specific needs. It’s not so easy with wide feet.

Foot width is determined by the girth of the foot or circumference rather than the width of the soul. People need wide insoles because their feet are different sizes (the left foot is usually bigger), have medical reasons, problems with toes, bunions, arthritis and swollen feet.

How do people end up with wide feet?

  • Genetics
  • As we age, our feet get wider
  • Poorly fitted shoes
  • Changes in body shape (pregnancy, weight gain)
  • Wearing High Heels
  • Foot injuries

If you need assistance picking out the right insole for wide feet/shoes, let us help you get the most comfortable fit available.