currexSole RunPro Med

Award winning insoles for running shoes.

The award winning currexSole RUNPRO is the ultimate performance insole for running, walking or triathlon. Wear it in classic running shoes or let ‘em help you to step forward into minimalistic shoes.

Every CurrexSole insole model comes in three variations - high, medium, and low.  Which one will you need?  CurrexSole has an interactive online fitting which you can easily do at home to help you determine your foot profile.  Try currexSole's online fitting now.  Whether you need orthotics for flat feet, insoles for low, neutral or high arches, are a overpronator or supinator, currexSole's Dynamic Arch Technology will cradle your arch, distribute pressure evenly, absorb energy upon impact and release energy like a spring upon launch.  Not every foot is created the same.  CurrexSole has something for every athlete.



Type: Insoles

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Reviews for currexSole RunPro Med
4.8 out of 5, based on 4 reviews
John Vonhof from Manteca, CA on May 07, 2015
I was sent a pair currexSole RunPro Med insoles to review for my Fixing Your Feet blog. Over the past months I have used the extensively and have been very pleased with their comfort, durability, and wear. The thickness of the insoles is perfect, offering a high-degree of cushioning and comfort. The Dynamic Arch does a great job of supporting the arch while the two pads under the ball of the foot and heel provide a bit of additional cushioning. The well-made heel cup fits my heels perfectly and give support and helps anchor the heel in place. These are great for athletes of all sports. And the High, Med, and Low designs accommodate any foot shape. Even after more than 10 months of use, they show little signs of wear.

My full review of the insoles can be found here: You'll learn a lot about insoles as I ask the owners of Insoles and Beyond six important questions about insoles.
Bob from Carlisle on Jun 26, 2014
I have had a few insoles in my time - superfeet, sole etc - all be too hard and really affected how my shoe felt. But they stopped me getting shin splints. Currexsole insoles are the next level (although cheaper than the older Superfeet). I hardly feel them yet i don't get shin splints - very comfortable and after i trimmed them - fitted excellently
Brett Bumgarner from Lakewood ca on Feb 12, 2014
CurrexSole RunPro Insoles Medium Arch

I was recently chosen to test out a pair of Insoles from Insoles and Beyond. As the New Year just past I set a goal to start living healthier by exercising and eating better. I picked up a new pair of running shoes and they felt great. I walked and jogged about 20 miles or so before getting my new insoles. At this point my shoes felt great or so I thought. My feet would have a slight tingle after a 5 mile plus jog. I went to the Insoles and Beyond website ( I picked the currexSole RunPro Medium Arch support. They were shipped out and at my house in what seemed like record time. When I pulled the insoles out of the package, I gave them my little one, two, three, bend, flex and twist test. The insoles felt great in my hands and passed my test. At this point I was excited and could not wait to get them in my shoes. I went and gathered my supplies of scissors, a sharpie and flat piece of cardboard for a flat surface to trace my current insoles onto the new ones. Once I pulled out my old insoles I noticed they were the exact size as the new insoles. I wear a size 12 and the new insoles fit perfectly in my shoes. At first never having an arch support before the insoles felt different but it was not uncomfortable. After my first jog around the block I was sold. My shoes were comfortable before, now they are extremely comfortable. After logging about 25 miles so far I can say I am very happy and my feet are very happy to be out pounding the pavement. I don’t notice the arch support at all and love the extra support under my feet for the hard asphalt. Also the tingle is gone when I get back home. It makes me just want to keep going down the trail. I will be getting a few more pairs for my gym shoes to my hunting boots.

Thanks you for the chance to try such a great product.
Brett Bumgarner
Al Quackenbush from Long Beach, CA on Feb 12, 2014
As a runner and a bowhunter, I am on my feet plenty. My running shows are nearly three years old and while I know I should get a new pair, I opted for a pair of the currexSole RunPro Med. My feet are very happy!! My heels were hurting really bad before and now they hurt very little. I will say that you should really pay attention to the arch of your foot. I thought mine had a slight arch, but I guess I am between and low and flat footed insole. These still work great, and I plan on testing them out even longer.