Heel-That-Pain Gel Heel Seats

Anyone who suffers from heel pain associated with plantar fasciitis or heel spurs knows that comfort seems just out of reach. Not anymore. Heel That Pain’s Gel Heel Seats are similar to the original Heel Seats, but made of softer materials for added cushioning for more sensitive feet that don’t respond as well to a more rigid design. Gel Heel Seats are designed with the same patented technology that uses acupressure on pain hot spots, provides appropriate lift to align the foot properly and allows the body’s natural healing process to work. Both the original Heel Seat and Gel Heel Seats are designed to relieve pain, prevent future outbreaks of pain and treat underlying conditions associated with plantar fasciitis and heel spurs.  

What you can expect from Gel Heel Seats:

  • A softer, more flexible support and cushioning for more sensitive feet.
  • Therapeutic acupressure applied to the heel to stimulates the body’s natural healing power -- drug and surgery free.
  • Re-cushions the natural fat pad of worn heels in order to form a new layer of support.
  • Realigns plantar fascia ligaments into their proper position.
  • Supports the mid-foot for whole foot health.
  • Provides 360 degree motion control and multi-directional support.
  • Improves posture, appearance and the comfort experienced while running, walking and standing.
  • Machine washable for odor control.
  • Clinically proven 90% success rate.
  • Risk-free money back guarantee.
Pain relief is no longer out of reach. Let the healing begin!

Type: Insoles

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