Heel-That-Pain Heel Seat Wraps

Heel-That-Pain Heel Seat Wraps (Sold as a Pair)

Are you ready to set your ailing feet free but still continue treatment for plantar fasciitis or heel spurs? Wait no longer!  

For most of us, when we think of healing plantar fasciitis we think of orthotic insoles that require footwear. Not anymore! Heel that Pain Heel Seat Wraps are soft, flexible and apply the same therapeutic acupressure to pain hot spots due to plantar fasciitis and heel spurs that you find in Heel That Pain shoe insert treatments. Heel That Pain Seat Wraps provide a lightweight comfort from the Neoprene fabric construction along with velcro fasteners to keep the wrap in place, with a non-slip bottom to prevent a spill and keep you safe on slick surfaces.

Heel that Pain Seat Wraps are perfect for people who prefer wearing sandals, flip-flops, going barefoot or wearing minimalist footwear. These seat wraps are clinically proven, 100% guaranteed and fast acting so there is no risk.  

Type: Insoles

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Reviews for Heel-That-Pain Heel Seat Wraps
5 out of 5, based on 1 reviews
Vanessa from France on Nov 28, 2014
I have very painful plantar fasciitis and find that these really help. I have also bought the Birkenstock BirkoSport - which are also excellent - and find that I get maximum relief by interchanging these two products. Each slightly changes the shape of my foot while providing full support.