Powerstep PowerKids Pediatric Orthotic

Powerstep Powerkids are a great insole designed specifically for children. They are similar to custom made insoles, designed for ease of use. Powerkids are ¾ insoles and provide extra comfort to the toes and forefoot. They are crafted with a firm, durable EVA base and shock absorbing top layer. Rear foot stability is provided by proper cradling and positioning of the heel with a deep heel cup and 2 degree medial heel post. Proper alignment of the forefoot and midfoot are provided by a built in arch support that lifts and supports arches.  

Children that have mild to moderate pronation or flat feet, need extra foot support and balance, lack an arch or proper alignment, experience muscle fatigue, foot pain, discomfort or have excessive motion will benefit from Powerkids.

Available in Toddler 8.5-Youth 4

  • No trimming required when moved from shoe to shoe.
  • Increased support and stability provided by heel cradle and semi-rigid arch support.
  • ¾ length insoles give more wiggle room for the toes.
  • Heels are protected and stabilized with each step through a heel platform that is at a mild angle.
  • Anti-microbial top fabric reduces friction and heat.
  • Comfort is enhanced through a double layer EVA/Poron cushion casing.

Type: Insoles

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